Next Online Course Set to Begin in February

Byzantine Online, the distance learning module of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, is pleased to announce that Fr. Stelyios Muksuris will be offering a course, Introduction to Liturgy, starting in February 2011.

Fr. Stelyios brings a wealth of personal and professional expertise to his teaching. A priest in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Fr. Stelyios has served a number of parishes in Greece as well as the United States. He has taught at St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH, the University of Pittsburgh’s Russian and Eastern European Studies Department and the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA. Currently he serves as editor of the Greek Orthodox publication, Illuminator, as well as administrative assistant to the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Pittsburgh.

His Byzantine Online course will introduce students to liturgical studies with a particular focus on the Byzantine liturgical tradition. Says Fr. Stelyios, “This course is designed to equip students, as intelligent people of faith, with the necessary skills to read and critically assess liturgical materials.”

This eight-week survey course will cover basic liturgical theology, liturgical prayer, monastic, cathedral, and hybrid liturgical offices and the historical development of the two Eastern Typika. Fr. Stelyios will conclude with an overview of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom as a pathway for thinking about the importance of liturgical language and translation, local liturgical traditions, and liturgical reform.

For information on registering for Byzantine Online’s Introduction to Liturgy course - or for more information on any of our course offerings including group registration and future courses - visit Questions may also be directed to Dr. Sandra Collins, Director of Online Learning, at