Prešov Seminarians Visit

The Seminary Choir of the Blessed Paul Gojdich Seminary in Prešov visited SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary for a five-day stretch (October 13-18). Their stay was a much needed rest in the middle of their month-long East and Central US Church concert tour. While staying at the Seminary, the Prešov seminarians sang at different churches throughout the greater Pittsburgh area and impressed many crowds with their beautiful Slovak “Prostopinija” chant and choral arrangements.

Rev. John G. Petro, Dr. Robin Darling Young, Bishop William Skurla, Very Rev. Eugene P. Yackanich
Proclaiming the Gospel

On Saturday, October 15, the priests accompanying them celebrated a Divine Liturgy in Church Slavonic at the Seminary, and the seminarians sang the responses. The following day, they participated in Divine Liturgy at the cathedral in Munhall before their afternoon concert. Their final performance was a concert at the Seminary the night before they would have to pack and leave for their next location. The chapel was more than half full for this event.

Dr. Robin Darling Young
Choir sings in Chapel

Even though the Prešov seminarians were touring Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh seminarians were busy with their studies, they both found time to relax together and get to know one another. They shared many meals and pizza socials where they were able to learn about each others’ churches, seminaries and cultures. Friends were made as well as future plans to visit one another, once, God willing, all become priests and are ministering in the Church. This event was a blessing for all as they encountered the Lord through doing his work.

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Lewis Rabayda
Theology II

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