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Seminary Announces Courses for Fall 2012

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary has announced course offerings for the Spring 2013 semester.  The semester runs from January 14 through May 8, 2013. To view new and evening courses, click on Spring 2013 new and evening courses; for all scheduled courses, click on Spring 2013 Schedule of Courses.

The academic programs of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary are authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and are accredited by The Association of Theological Schools.  Auditors are welcome and are not required to complete assignments or take examinations. Present students and auditors may download a registration form. Those interested in taking these courses for graduate-level credit, please contact the Seminary at, or by calling 412.321.8383.


Deadline for registration is DECEMBER 15, 2012.
Registrations after that date will be charged a late fee.

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