20 Reasons to Consider an MAT at BCS


1. Wants to develop their biblical, liturgical, dogmatic or pastoral knowledge in pursuit of a lay vocation?

2. Seeks to grow both academically as well as spiritually as you explore your call to serve the Church and the world?

3. Wants to be immersed in Eastern Christian history and practice as well as the Catholic intellectual tradition?

Then, the Byzantine Catholic Seminary’s accredited Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.T.) is for
you. It is:


4. Very affordable (less than $500 per credit)

5. Courses available both online and in-house.

6. Can be completed in five semester (full-time) or six years (part-time)

7. Transfer credit available for qualified students

8. Daytime and evening courses offered.

9. Lays a foundation for further advanced studies.

10. Preparation for careers in many different fields:

  • Teach at a Catholic high school
  • Serve as adjunct faculty at a college or university
  • Work as a parish school director or in Eastern Christian Education
  • Gain employment in diocesan or eparchial offices in a lay leadership role
  • Assist in healthcare institutions as a chaplain or as coordinator of prayer or religious


11. Accredited by The Association of Theological Schools.

12. Degree authorized by Pennsylvania Department of Education.

13. Lay curriculum developed in conjunction with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Program for Priestly Formation.

14. Only free-standing English-speaking Byzantine Catholic seminary in the United States since 1950.


15. Endeavors to enhance the gifts that you have been given in order to be of service to the Church.

16. Learn about the faith from ordained clergy and qualified lay professors.

17. Deepen your own understanding of your relationship with Jesus Christ though examining scripture, liturgy, dogmatics and history.

18. Theological training for lay leaders is a must: according to Instrumentum Laboris (2012), “If evangelization is to be true to itself, it cannot take place apart from education; it is directly related to it.”

19. The same God who called Prisca and Aquila to work with Paul in the first century calls thousands of men and women to minister in the twenty-first century Church. (Co-Workers in the Vineyard, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2005, p. 45)

20. Your Church needs you. If the trend towards fewer vocations continues, well-qualified lay individuals will remain absolutely essential to the mission of the Church.

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