Eight Seminarians begin a new year of Formation

For all eight seminarians at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, orientation began on the 21st of August. Following a two-day spiritual formation retreat, two more days of orientation, a seminarian picnic, and clean-up day, classes began on the 27th of August. Our seminarians appear to be settling in comfortably for the year ahead, anticipating challenging classes and addressing formational goals.

Our community of seminarians is comprised of five from the Ruthenian jurisdiction in America and three from the Melkite jurisdiction in America. Each comes to us with the sponsorship of his bishop, following an involved application process guided by the vocation directors of their eparchies.

Our liturgical schedule includes services according to both Ruthenian and Melkite traditions. The number of Ruthenian services each week to the number of Melkite services is proportioned the same as the number of Ruthenian students to the number of Melkite students.

Three of our seminarians are married. Of these three, two live on campus in quarters that allow for their wives to make occasional visits. Their wives remain at their homes in the western United States. One of our married seminarians lives with his wife and four young children in a house they rent near the Seminary. Wives and children are welcome at liturgical services and meals and also at occasional meetings that are scheduled according to formational goals for married seminarians.

Our oldest seminarian is 60 and our youngest is 24, and the other six seminarians cover each decade in between.

Please pray for our entire Seminary community as we begin the new year.

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