New Courses for Fall 2019

This fall, Byzantine Online will be offering six credits courses as well as one certificate course.  The four required courses:  Introduction to Liturgy, Introduction to Sacred Scripture, Introduction to Moral Theology and Introduction to Canon Law are all required courses.  In addition, we are offering two new courses:

PR 203: PASTORAL LEADERSHIP I  (2 cr.; Rose)

Future clergy will be called upon to lead the people of God; manage church resources; manage church finances; develop budgets; engage in planning; manage church property; etc. Students will be prepared to embark upon a life of pastoral ministry and to possess necessary knowledge about leadership skills and administrative management. In order to successfully discharge those administrative duties, students must acquire a variety of skills.  This course is designed to build a foundation for successful pastoral leadership.  This course will provide students with the necessary knowledge to discharge effectively their administrative duties in pastoral ministry in order to become successful leaders. The main objective of this course is to provide students with the necessary administrative and pastoral leadership skills:

• To act professionally and use best practices in the administrative activities in their pastoral ministry.

• To understand legal principles applicable to pastoral ministry.

• To understand financial principles applicable to pastoral ministry.

• To use electronic and written sources essential for pastoral leadership.

DT 204: Christian Dogmatics in the Byzantine Tradition (3 cr.; Dozier)

 “Dogma is the doctrine that…the Church confesses as the truth that brings salvation to every human being.” – Metropolitan John Zizoulas. Dogmatic theology is therefore the disciplined study of the revealed and defined doctrines of the worshipping Christian Church which lead to salvation. Eastern Christians whose spiritual patrimony originates in Constantinople have historically drawn on the rich streams of biblical, patristic, liturgical, iconographical, catechetical and magisterial sources to create a lived doctrinal and doxological synthesis with local culture which we commonly refer to as “Byzantine.” This graduate level seminary course will systematically explore the great unity in diversity that is known as the Byzantine Tradition in relationship to the dogmas expressed in the Faith, Worship and Life of Church both historically and today.

And, for our certificate students, we have the following:

BO-SP 109: Windows to the Word: Icons and Christian Catechesis (Dozier)

“Christian iconography expresses in images the same Gospel message that Scripture communicates by words. Image and word illuminate each other.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, para. 1160) One of the essential aspects of both the traditional kerygma (proclamation) and catechesis (teaching) of the Church is the employment of sacred icons as a means to visually form both the mind and heart of Christian disciples in the practical ways of iconic believing and living. This post-baccalaureate certificate course will explore the rich tradition of Byzantine Christian iconography, being attentive to both the language of its symbolism and form, as well as its ability to visually synthesize the different streams of biblical, patristic, liturgical, catechetical, magisterial and cultural sources to sacramentally communicate a holy encounter with sacred persons and events. A special focus will be given to how to incorporate icons into catechesis and homiletics using the icons of the Festal Calendar of the Byzantine Churches.      

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