COVID-19 and the Seminary Community

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all non-academic formational activities at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary are now ending for the year.  This means that our seminarians are now returning to their homes and will complete their academic curriculum and other academic requirements for this semester through distance learning.

Our graduates will not be able to enjoy a graduation ceremony this year, and our annual lecture is to be given through live-stream.

At least for the next three months the Seminary will be unable to receive guests for both day visits and overnight – this includes the chapel and library.

The minor ordinations that had been scheduled for Sunday, March 22 are postponed until further notice. 

The modality (online or on-campus) for the School of Diaconate Studies in late June remains to be determined.

Our staff will be on campus, but in very limited hours as needed only to maintain essential operations.  We ask your patience at this time as it might take longer than normal to respond to email and phone messages.

Online courses will continue as scheduled.  Soon we will be sharing with you some exciting new opportunities in online learning.

We are saddened to have to take such drastic action for our community, but our Metropolitan and administrative staff are of one mind that this is the best decision for the peace, safety, health, and well-being of those who live here, those who work here, those who are formed here, and those who study here.

Let us pray to the Master that we be delivered from all affliction, sorrow, and distress in these unprecedented times.  May the Lord guard us by the power of his precious and life-creating Cross.

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