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Doktorvater of John Paul II, and so-called “sacred monster of Thomism,” Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange’s treatment of finality in the cosmos (aka teleology) is available for the first time ever in an English translation entitled The Order of Things: the Realism of the Principle of Reality by Professor of Moral Theology Dr. Matthew Kenneth Minerd. Copies available via Emmaus Academic Publishing.

Fr. Stelyios Muksuris, PhD, Professor of Liturgical Theology, has been named Adjunct Professor of Liturgical Theology in the Program of Ecumenical Orthodox Theology at International Hellenic University (IHU) of Thessaloniki. Fr. Stelyios will be co-teaching the core course of Liturgical Theology with the Rev. Dr. Pavlos Koumarianos of Athens. The course will be online and offered during the winter semester 2020-2021.

Fr. David Petras, Professor of Liturgical Theology, posted this picture of his meeting with Pope Paul VI. Of this meeting, he writes, “I was representing the Russicum in presenting a candle to the Pope (a tradtional of Pontifical colleges in Rome) on Candlemas Day, February 2. Since I was from the Russicum Pope Paul told me how beautiful the trees and hills and plains of Russia were.  Sadly, I have never been to Russia. When I met Pope John Paul II, I was introduced as a priest of the Eparchy of Parma, and he said to me, “Oh, you are Italian.”

Dr. Sandra Collins, Director of Information Services, taught Introduction to Comparative Religion via the University of Pittsburgh’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in fall 2020. In Spring 2021, she will offer Religions of the Book: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Fr. Christiaan Kappes, in collaboration with William Albrecht, published Mary Among the Evangelists: the Definitive Guide for Solving Biblical Questions about Mary in October 2020.  According to its description, “this work simply reveals the meaning of Scripture to its lover and provides every Christian with a straightforward and irrefutable key to understand Mary’s role and dignity in salvation history according to the Evangelists in their Gospels.”

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