Eastern Churches Journal

Ss. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary (B.C.S.), following its re-accreditation by A.T.S. in 2020, is gearing up to make even greater contributions to the life of the Church in the ensuing decade. In the office of the Academic Dean, responsible for intellectual formation at B.C.S., one of the first major projects to be brought to term will be the publishing of an academic journal. After taking on the editorial and publishing responsibilities for the Eastern Churches Journal in mid-2021 by the suggestion and assistance of Reader Jack Figel who successfully published the journal for decades, the first steps of our process were completed by the establishment of a board of consultors. The strategic plan for B.C.S. foresees successful and regular publication of the journal by 2023. We thank those who await new publications for their patience.

The electronic version of the journal should be ready before December of 2023 and, thereafter, can be downloaded on the B.C.S. website. Information on possible subscription to the printed version thereof will then be made available to subscribers who would like hard copies of the journal.

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