If anyone wishes to be first among You, O Lord, let him be your servant.

At a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy celebrated at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Munhall, Pennsylvania on the Sunday of All Saints, 4 June 2023, Reader Tyler Wisniewski was ordained to the subdiaconate and then to the diaconate. Deacon Tyler has completed three years of theology (now called “Configuration Stage” in priestly formation) at B.C.S. and looks forward to his final year in this stage of his formation beginning in August.

The Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, celebrated by His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop William C. Skurla, was preceded by Tyler’s ordination to the subdiaconate – the final of the minor orders in the Byzantine Christian tradition. Following the Anaphora of the Divine Liturgy, Subdeacon Tyler, who served briefly in his subdiaconal ministry with the washing of the Metropolitan’s hands, was ordained to the diaconate. With his admittance to this major order comes his formal ascription as a cleric in the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.

According to the Rite of Ordaining a Deacon, Archbishop William imposed his hands on the ordinand’s head and prayed to the Lord that the new deacon would “serve well in the office You have given him in your goodness…. If anyone wishes to be first among You, let him be your servant. Now, Master, fill with all faith, love, power, and holiness this, your servant Tyler, whom you have made worthy to enter the service of the diaconate by the coming of your holy and life-creating Spirit. For it is not by the laying on of my hands, but by the visitation of your abundant mercies, that grace is given to those worthy before you.”

Tyler’s Seminary formators, fellow seminarians, family, friends, and fellow parishioners who have supported him throughout his discernment and formation gathered to celebrate this happy occasion and confirmed his worthiness by singing “Axios” – he is worthy – at his ordination. They continue their prayers that Deacon Tyler serve well in his new ministry and that he complete his journey of formation for the priesthood according to God’s mercy and goodness.

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