Community of Formation Goals and Outcomes

The goal of priestly formation is the development not just of a well-rounded man, a prayerful man, or an experienced pastoral practitioner, but rather one who understands his spiritual development within the context of his call to service in the Church, his human development within the greater context of his call to advance the mission of the Church, his intellectual development as the appropriation or “custody” of the Church’s teaching and tradition, and his pastoral formation as participation in the active ministry of the Church (Program of Priestly Formation, #71). The Byzantine Catholic Seminary addresses these needs in four distinct but integrated programs, often referred to as the “pillars” of formation. The duration of a seminarian’s formation in the Seminary community is four years. Our seminarians range in age from mid-20’s to late 50’s.

Seminarians receiving a Master of Divinity degree from the Byzantine Catholic Seminary will graduate with the necessary proficiencies for the priestly ministry of the Catholic Church, with integral knowledge of the Eastern Christian tradition to think theologically, interpret according to the mind of Christ, and apply practically their patristic inheritance to pastoral life in communion with the successor of Peter. Particularly, they will:

  1. Integrate theological and pastoral concepts for effective ministry in the modern world focused on sanctification, renewal, and evangelization of the People of God;
  2. Articulate the Church’s teaching on faith and morals with an acute understanding of Scripture, Dogmatics, Liturgy, and Pastoral Theology;
  3. Demonstrate ministerial gifts through cooperation with superiors, collaboration with colleagues, mindfulness of self-presentation and personal health, competency in leadership, and commitment to the People of God;
  4. Engage a professional style in practical ministry with the ability to share, teach, and preach the faith and the Word, employ managerial skills, understand administrative tasks, and commit to life-long spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and human growth.


Family of Formation

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