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Eastern Churches Journal

East, West & Beyond: Enriching One Another’s Liturgical Traditions

Year 2019 – Volume 26

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Title – Page 1

Table of Contents – Page 3

Rev. Dr. Christiaan Kappes
Preface of the General Editor – Page 5

Adam Kemner
Western Influences in Carpathian Ecclesial Architecture – Page 13

Teva Regule
The Liturgical Movement of the Twentieth Century and the Liturgical Reform Efforts of New Skete Monastery: The Liturgy of the Hours of the Early Years and the Influence of Juan Mateos – Page 27

Rev. Dr. Stelyios S. Muksuris
Time for a New Eucharistic Prayer?
Revisiting the “Imbalance” Between Liturgical Thanksgiving and Supplication:
An Analysis of the Basilian Recensions – Page 71

Fr. Dcn. Cyril Kennedy
The Development of the Royal Hours in the Byzantine Rite and their Meaning for Today – Page 89

Kyle Washut
Liturgical Purity in East and West: Aquinas and the Greek Inheritance – Page 103

John Manaco
King and Victim: Comparing the Christology of the Armenian Badarak and the Roman Rite – Page 127

Rev. Dr. Christiaan Kappes
The Filioque, Thomas de Squino Byzantinus, and Ps.-Basil’s Contra Eunomium: Mark Eugenicus and John Montenero,OP, at the Council of Florence (1439) – Page 141

Notes – Page 194

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