Shepherding the People of God

Ordained priestly ministry in the Church is one with the ministry of Jesus Christ. Our Lord said: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. I am the Good Shepherd.” (John 10:10-11) By the power of the Holy Spirit, this shepherding continues today in the ministerial priesthood. While all baptized persons participate in the priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ, some are called from among the community of believers and are ordained by the laying on of hands for service to all the Christian faithful. Sent forth by the heavenly Father, presbyters sustain for creation the hope of the second coming of our Lord and the fullness of the heavenly kingdom.

The action of the Holy Spirit makes the ordained priest one who leads the faithful on their journey to God’s kingdom, serving as a vessel of grace despite his own human frailty and imperfections. Likewise, when a man is ordained a priest he does not give up the use of his skills and talents, but rather crystallizes them and raises them up to a heavenly purpose.

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