Rare and Archive Collections

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary Library holds many rare and unique items, some found in limited locations nationally, some found nowhere else.

Holdings include serials such as Soyuz, the Kalendar of the Greek Catholic Union and Amerikansky Russky Viestnik, the longest running Rusyn-American newspaper in the United States. In addition, the Library contains more than 800 parish histories of Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus many fine examples of treasure binding of sacred texts.

December 2023
Artifact Highlight

Current Collections

Cantors and Choir Directors

This collection consists of personal papers, music, recordings, and miscellanea from noted cantors and choir directors of the Byzantine Catholic Church in the United States. A complete index is in preparation.


Prostopinije is the name for the Capatho-Rusyn chant tradition.  Roughly translated “plain chant” is a system of relatively simple music for the congregational singing of the divine services.  The archives at BCS contain a number of related texts from the 20th century. Many have been cataloged and digitized by cantor Steve Puluka. These materials are currently available for viewing on his personal site and will soon be relocated here.

Unprocessed Collections

God With Us Archive 

Greek Catholic Union Archive 

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