Rare and Archive Collections

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary Library holds many rare and unique items, some found in limited locations nationally, some found nowhere else.

Holdings include serials such as Soyuz, the Kalendar of the Greek Catholic Union and Amerikansky Russky Viestnik, the longest running Rusyn-American newspaper in the United States. In addition, the Library contains more than 800 parish histories of Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus many fine examples of treasure binding of sacred texts.

March 2024
Artifact Highlight

Current Collections

Cantors and Choir Directors

This collection consists of personal papers, music, recordings, and miscellanea from noted cantors and choir directors of the Byzantine Catholic Church in the United States. A complete index is in preparation.

Papers of Cantor Andrew Petrin

Unprocessed: Basil Brody, Patricia Dritz, Helen Ference, George Hress, John Michalski Jr., Joakim Ratzin, Dorthy Wasko


Prostopinije is the name for the Capatho-Rusyn chant tradition.  Roughly translated “plain chant” is a system of relatively simple music for the congregational singing of the divine services.  The archives at BCS contain a number of related texts from the 20th century. Many have been cataloged and digitized by cantor Steve Puluka. These materials are currently available for viewing on his personal site and will soon be relocated here.

Clergy Collections

Collections of music, books, recordings and miscellanea from Byzantine Catholic clergy in the United States.

Unprocessed: Fr. Burtha, Msgr. Duker, Fr. Gallaro, Fr. Hayduk, Fr. Karl, Fr. Petrus

Unprocessed Collections

God with us series – collection of pre-K-12 and adult education material by the joint publishing arm for Eastern Catholic jurisdictions in the USA, God With Us Publication.

GCU (Greek Catholic Union) – annual and peridodical publications of the fraternal insurance society founded in 1891.

Parish and Eparchy histories – anniversary booklets, event programs and local histories.

BCS – Byzantine Catholic Seminary – publications, event programs, and papers from the founding of the Pittsburgh seminary.

Cantor School Archives – Archival material from: Parma Eparchy School; Pittsburgh Archeparchy Schools Advanced Cantor School 1984; School for Cantors 1998; Metropolitan Cantors Institute 2000

Liturgical Commission – collection of revised publications for both music and translation of liturgical services from the Council of Hierarchs (bishops) of the Byzantine Catholic Church commission formed in 1999.

Liturgical Service & Prayer books – an extensive collection in Church Slavonic, Hungarian and English covering private and public prayer.

Manuscript books – collection of the hand written liturgical and religious texts that are some of the oldest works in the seminary collection pending digitization.

Church Slavonic – resources for grammar, Titla abbreviations, lexicons and resources for learning Church Slavonic the original language for liturgical services in Byzantine Catholic tradition.

Rusyn Language Collection – grammers and readers used in language instructions for parish, seminary and ethnic club schools.

Rusyn Cultural Collection – various books, pamphets, maps and other material reflecting Rusyn culture.

Lecture Note publications – bound copies of original type written lecture notes compiled by both professors and students.

Choir History Collection – Indexes of choirs and their known official recordings many of which are in the AV collection pending digitization.

Language study historical collection – wide range of language learning, grammar and readers used in church schools and fraternal society classes.

Ephemera Collections – Postcards; holy cards; commemorative coins, plates objects; Icons; Pysanki; and other objects.

Liturgical Recording Collection – cassettes and albums both professional and ad hoc recordings of liturgical services and hymns pending digitization.

Eastern Related Conference Recordings – both official and private recordings of conference lectures from both Orthodox and Catholic affiliated events pending digitization.

Eastern Related Lecture Recordings – both official and private recordings of lectures from both Orthodox and Catholic affiliated events pending digitization.

Microfilm Collection – collection of older periodical and books on various theological topics.

Filmstrip course collection – K-12 classroom school material for lectures some with recorded albums on various topics.

General Education Recordings – K-12 classroom school material recordings of lectures primarily religious related topics.

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