Rector’s Welcome

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I’m pleased to welcome you to a virtual visit of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. We are an Eastern Catholic Community of Formation, discerning and nurturing the gift of vocation granted by the Holy Spirit to those men called to ordained ministry. We are also a theological center for lifelong learning, handing-on the Tradition of the Christian East.

Animated by the all-holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, Who proceeds from the Almighty Father through the Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, we live a life of labor, study, prayer, and joy. Our seminarians, M.A.T. students, staff, faculty, and all others who share in our life are united in their fervent commitment to make manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.

B.C.S. is comprised of five different programs:

  • Community of Priestly Formation includes all M.Div. seminarians;
  • School of Theology is comprised of non-seminarian M.A.T. students and welcomes non-matriculating students and auditors;
  • Community of Aspirants is for those discerning priesthood and in need of a propaedeutic experience in preparation for the Community of Priestly Formation;
  • School of Diaconate Studies has as its focus the intellectual pillar of formation for men preparing for diaconal ordination in a program of distance learning and mentoring;
  • Community of Ongoing Formation is for clergy on sabbatical or who are preparing to be granted bi-ritual faculties.

Our commitment to ecumenism forges a sensitivity to the unique place of Eastern Catholics in the dialogue of unity, particularly between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox. While we share Eucharistic communion with the Catholic Church, our patrimony is one with that of all Byzantine-tradition Christians – established in apostolic tradition, scripture, the holy mysteries, and ascetical discipline.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or simply to be in touch. I may be reached at or 412-321-8383 x11.

As we continue in our effort to form leaders for the Church, we ask for your prayerful support.

Fr. Robert M. Pipta

About Father Robert

Father Robert Pipta, a priest of the Holy Protection of Mary Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix, was born in April of 1967 in Anaheim, California. Being raised in Southern California, he attended public schools there and completed a Bachelor of Arts program in Music at the University of California, Irvine in 1990.

Father Robert was a member of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Anaheim from shortly after its founding in 1969. He was formed for the priesthood at Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from September of 1990 until his ordination on April 21st, 1994.

Father Robert served Saint Stephen Pro-Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona as parochial vicar from May of 1994 until August of 1997. He then served as administrator of Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church in Las Vegas, Nevada until February of 2004. He served as the pastor of Holy Angels Church in San Diego, California until April of 2014.

Father Robert serves on the Intereparchial Liturgy Commission, and had served as Eparchial Vocations Director for over nineteen years.

Regarding his hobbies, Father enjoys listening to, playing, and singing various types of music as well as studying up on the history and physics of manned space travel.

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