School of Theology students can register for courses:

  1. Once they have received an admissions letter from the Rector or, for online auditors, from the Director of Information Services;
  2. Have met any necessary prerequisites for the class(es); and,
  3. Have the approval of their Advisor (degree students only).

Select and Pay for Courses

  1. Select from Courses Available (Certification or Audit) and Add to Cart
  2. View Cart and proceed to Checkout
  3. At Checkout – choose to use PayPal or your own credit card

Before submitting payment, you must complete an application and submit any required materials.

New Student Registration Fee – $70
Graduation Fee – $70
Continuation Fee – $50
Transcript Fee – $30


CREDIT COURSES (Spring 2024)
DT 100: Introduction to Dogmatics
select course option
DT 101: Patristics 1
select course option
SP 101: Foundations of Spirituality
select course option
LT 103: Theology of The Divine Liturgy
select course option
LT 105: Theology of the Sacramental Mysteries
select course option
WR 201: Capstone Research and Writing
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Directed Independent Study
Number of Credits
* Senior Students: Senior students (55 and older) audit B.C.S. courses at a 50% discount per course-hour.
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